But that apart, the TDM900 is a well thought out, and well made, motorcycle. There are very few signs of corners being cut, the thing looks built to last a few years, even if – shock horror – an owner rode it in the rain. The only problem for me with the TDM900 is that it lacks a distinct edge, a unique character somehow.

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Yamaha’s TDM900, launched in South Africa this week, is one of biking’s oddballs; it’s one of very few parallel twins left in a world of V-twins and transverse fours – and at 897cc by far the largest..

The aircleaner part from Yamaha has had a revision, as is intended for a XT1200Z, and to the TDM900 now with more adaption than originally posted. The issue is the Yamaha part number now is 23PF-14451-UF-01. (Note the 01). The difference is the breather tube plugs (yellow parts) and now little pods.

Yamaha TDM900 – Engine Casings. Stainless Steel Allen Screws upgrade kit. Generator Cover L. Top Generator Cover Copy of exploded diagram included with kit to assist assembly.

TDM900 The Air intake flap : How to get rid of it and eliminate low-revs jerkiness. CS0Cold start issue 1. TDM900 Cold start/idle trouble. quick workaround. CS1Cold start issue 2. TDM900 Cold start/idle trouble. Complete workaround. TENCamchain tensioner.

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"It all started back in the beginning of the nineties, when we wanted to create a bike, which would be ultimate fun on bumpy small roads." [Link] I was recently reading an article by Brett Smith about a documentary on American dirt legend John Penton which included the line: ‘. studying his life will offer one key lesson: make your bike into what you need it to be.’